Lost In Translation?

Speech-to-speech translation technology is already being heralded as the next big thing but we should stop for a minute to consider what impact this new technology could have on the quality of our communication. Without the human touch, will what we want to say be lost in translation?

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What did you say?

These are 5 common phrases that you'll often hear in business situations and ask yourself, how did English become so obscure?

1.  I'll reach out to you

(or I'll call you, email you or meet you)

2. We should touch base soon

(or we should get in contact soon)

3. It's on my radar

(or I'm aware of it)

4. Low hanging fruit

(or an easily achievable goal)

5. It's a no brainer

(or It's a good idea)

Why Good Grammar Matters

In an age where texting and tweeting are the new normal,  just how important is grammar? Very important says a CEO who refuses to hire people without it

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