Your English language needs are unique so at English for Business we focus on providing a customised English language development programme that gives you fast results.

Whether you are learning business English for the first time or have more advanced English language ability, we will develop your communication skills so that you make the impact that you want in any business situation.

• preparing for important presentations

• making influential contributions in meetings and telephone conferences

• communicating effectively in customer meetings

• enhancing your career development opportunities

• confidently leading your teams

Our English language coaching programmes cover language skills for common workplace situations, all of which can be mixed and matched to create a unique programme for you.


English for Presentations

Inspiring and engaging language; language for storytelling; structuring and delivering your presentation.

English for the Workplace

Understanding the language for meetings, email, telephone; note taking.

English for Networking

Making social conversation and small talk, understanding conversational idioms, developing networking skills.

English for Business Writing

Understanding formal versus informal language; writing concisely; developing a business vocabulary.

English for Interviewing

Asking the right questions; probing for details; active listening.

English for Leading

Giving feedback, dealing with conflict; effective negotiation, coaching and motivation.



English Language Development

Flexible, customised English language training for all levels of ability. Grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, conversation practice and listening skills.

English on Skype

Regular and ongoing coaching as a follow up to a previously completed coaching programme, effective communication skills practice, or a flexible alternative to face-to-face English language coaching.

Writing English

One-off or project-based re-drafting, editing and proofreading assistance to ensure your message is accurate, clear and memorable.






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